Half Priced Books

Image result for half priced book storeHalf Priced Books, Records, Magazines, Incorporated is the biggest family-claimed chain of new and utilized book shops as a part of the United States. The company’s sole motto is “We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday’s newspaper”, what’s more, most of the utilized books, music, and motion pictures available to be purchased in every area are acquired from nearby occupants. The corporate office is established in the first Northwest Highway area in Dallas, Texas. Half Price Books now works more than 120 stores in 17 states.



The Half Price Books single statement of purpose incorporates the guarantee to “promote literacy and be kind to the environment.” Also, the chain gives a significant number of books and its overload stock to non-benefit associations around the globe, for example, Feed the Children and American Red Cross. It likewise gives some of its books to Better World Books, a for-profit on-line book retailer.

Half priced books publish a portion of the books it offers, reasonably republishing non-copyrighted titles or securing the U.S. then again English dialect rights from another distributor. They reprint these titles under its distributed arm, Hackberry Press.